Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at Or text us at (786) 565-8259


You will receive an email with your voicemail files within four weeks after we receive the phone.

If you chose to have your files stored physically on either a vinyl or cassette you will receive your files within 6-8 weeks after your phone is returned to our facility.

You will have the option when selecting your phone to either receive your messages by digital file, vinyl or cassette. The digital file option is included free with all phone or virtual phone rentals.


Instructions are included with the phone. If you run into any issues we can schedule a tech to call you. Simply email or text “support” to (786) 565-8259

Our phones do not require power or WiFi to operate. Just a flat surface away from water or speakers. 


Yes. It’s 100% free. You will receive a return shipping label with your phone. 

Your phone will be arrive at least two days before your event.

A return shipping label will be included within the box. Simply place the phone back in the box you received it in. Cover the old shipping label with the return label. Then return it by dropping it off to USPS or scheduling a pickup. Make sure to return the phone within two business days after your event.