Top Tips For Recording Heartfelt Messages from Your Guests.

You've discovered the magic of an audio guestbook with Echo Phone and are ready to capture heartfelt messages from your guests. How do you get the best audio and the most voicemails? Here are our top tips to ensure you get the most meaningful and memorable recordings on your special day.

 Create a Comfortable and Inviting Setup

How and where you set up your Echo Phone audio guestbook can really get your guests excited about leaving a message. Choose a cozy, fun, and accessible area where guests can comfortably record their messages. Ideal spots are by the bar or the welcome table, as these high-traffic areas are sure to attract guests. Be creative with your setup! Decorate the space with flowers, vintage props, or comfy seating to make it inviting and photogenic. Remember, the phone is completely wireless, so it can move from the reception to cocktail hour and even to the dance floor, giving your guests plenty of chances to leave messages. We provide a sign with every order, but feel free to create your own that fits your event's unique vibe. Let your personality shine through your setup to encourage guests to join in the fun!

Create a photogenic and engaging space with your Echo Phone audio guestbook to make it a highlight of your event and ensure every guest participates.


Provide Prompts and Personalize the Greeting

With Echo Phone’s audio guestbook, you can add a personalized greeting that guests will hear before leaving their message. A personalized greeting sets the tone and makes guests feel more comfortable, like they’re actually chatting with you. Before we ship out your phone, we’ll ask you to record a warm welcome message explaining how the audio guestbook works and encouraging your guests to leave a heartfelt message. If you choose not to record your own greeting, no worries! All Echo Phone audio guestbooks come with a default greeting installed, ensuring guests still hear a prompt before leaving their message.
We preinstall your message for you before shipment, making setup super easy and smooth. Unlike other companies that leave it up to you to figure out how to install your own message or, even worse, charge extra for one, we make sure everything is ready to go.
Here’s an example of what you could say: “Hi everyone, we’re so glad you’re here! Please leave us a message with your favorite memory, advice, or just some kind words. We can’t wait to listen to them all!” This adds a personal touch to the experience.

Personalize your Echo Phone setup with props and a custom signage to make it easy and fun for guests to leave their messages.


Encourage Participation Throughout the Event.

 To ensure you capture messages from as many guests as possible, keep the energy up! Make announcements during the event, or have the DJ remind guests about the audio guestbook. You can also enlist a bridesmaid, groomsman, or family member to guide guests to the Echo Phone and encourage them to leave a message. Since the Echo Phone is wireless, they can even bring the phone right to guests, making sure everyone gets a chance to join in the fun.

Set up your Echo Phone audio guestbook in a cozy, inviting area like the bar or welcome table to encourage guests to leave heartfelt messages.


Ensure Quality Recordings

Our audio guestbooks are designed to pick up voices and drown out background noise. For the best audio quality, place the Echo Phone away from loudspeakers and live music. If it’s too loud to make a real phone call, it might be too loud for the Echo Phone. This small step makes a big difference in preserving the clarity of the messages.
Using Echo Phone's audio guestbook to capture heartfelt messages from your guests will make your wedding or special event truly unforgettable. By creating a comfortable setup, providing prompts, encouraging participation, personalizing the experience, and ensuring quality recordings, you’ll have a collection of cherished memories to enjoy for years to come.
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Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes
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